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"La Fuga" 

developed at "Next Generation Residency"

La MaMa Umbria, Italy 2016

Created & Performed By Eden Wiseman

& Co-creator and composer Ori Dvir


Running time: 15 min - short version

Developd  to a 45 min - long version, with Alma Livne



Created & Performed By Eden Wiseman

Original live music By Ori Dvir

Developed in "next generation" program at La MaMa Umbria, Italy 2016

Running time: 13 min 


The Eternal Recurrence 

This concept refers to the assumption that everything that occurs once will recur in an infinite loop, for all of eternity. This myth claim, by process of elimination, that life that disappears forever without repeating itself is nothing more than a fleeting shadow. It is weightless; it is born and soon dies… If each moment in life recurs endlessly, we become linked to eternity.

This realization is frightening. In a world of eternal recurrence, every movement carries an unbearable burden of responsibility, which is why Nietzsche described this concept as the heaviest burden of all.

Photo by: Daniella meroz

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