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This project is a research with glass.

This experiment revealed a narrative, which intrigue and lead to look deep inside this infinity river of texture, smell, and touches witch draw to a different memory and experience.

The performer is going through a journey, which disassembled, peeled and expose layer of our humaneness

The significant paradox  focus on the desire that your creation will be alive for eternity against the wish to kill it at the moment it born.

multimedia art4.jpg


Created & Performed By Eden Wiseman

Original live music By Ori Dvir

Local Premiere: Tool Experiment 9# Festival in TLV, Israel
International premiere:

The Interdisciplinary Festival in Yangon, Myanmar

Developed at Artness; home for performance practice

Running time: 10 min

Photo by: Liron Narunsky and Yoav Horesh

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