Eden CV


2009-12:   Graduate of Yasmeen Godder Contemporary dance and theater school in Jafa

2010-11:   Graduate of The Room Theater in Tel Aviv

2008-9:     Student at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem

Training programs & Residences:

2017-18:  A student in Ilan Lev therapy method 

2016-17:  Next Generation Residency at La MaMa Umbria - Italy

2013-14:  Student at the Fashion Design Seminary in Jerusalem 

2011-12:   Residence in the artists center Artness in Ein Shemer

Production & Management:

2016-17: A member in the committee institution for Artists encouragement in the Negev

               And a researcher at the Jerusalem Film Incubator Project.

               Producer of the move 'Silsol' directed by Sigalit Lifshitz & Shalom Hagar.

2015-16: Manager of 'The market court yard' in Jerusalem  

2012-16: Producer of art events in galleries and halls in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv  

2013-14: Office manager and art exhibitions curator at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem

2009-11: Producer of Yasmeen Godder Dance Company, Tel Aviv  


Original works:

2018: Working on a new project; 'Archetype'

The work will premiere at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem,  on October 2018

Collaborator artists: Ori Dvir, Alma Livne, Eilon Cohan, Noam Frank and Romi ginsburg

Support by: 'Between Heaven and Earth fastival' and the Jerusalem Municipality Culture Department

2017: 'LA FUGA necessariao' project

Premiere at the Spoleto Art Festival in Italy, on July 2017
Collaborator artists: Ori Dvir & Alma Livne.

Support by: La MaMa Umbria International

** In addition, for Spoleto festival - integrated project with the Lebanese artist; jadd Tank

Work list:

“LA FUGA” (2016-17), “Freediving" (2015), "The Manipulativ Mind", "Free from Manipulations" (2014),

"Hifrot" {Excavation p-80} (2013), and "Clarity" (2012)


Performed at;

International FESTIVALS:

The International Multimedia Art Festival 2012 Yangon, Myanmar

The Israel International Dance Week 2013-14 Jerusalem, Israel

DCJ Danscentrumjette and the Volksroom venues events 2015 Brussels, Belgium

Footprint Dance Festival 2015 London, England

Spoleto Festival - La mama Umbria International 2016-17, Italy

Israel EVENTS: 

the Yellow Submarine Hub, b&b Barbur Gallery, Muslala venue, Bet Alians and Bet HaGat in Jerusalem.

Artness / TENA center in Ein Shemer, Hayadit Theater in Pardes Hana. Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam.

NANOdance Festival, 7x7 - warehouse 2, Tool Experiment 9 Festival & Mandel Cultural Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


​Other projects and collaborations:

Co-creator and performer in performance projects: 

2017 'Badhairday' by Daniella Maroz - performance conference 0:6 svt-hazira

2014 'The elephant wakes up' - Culture Rave at Calal building, by Shai Cohen

2013 'The Story of Sol' - Book Launch,(shaunhuref) by Shahar Gabai

2010 'Everyday show' by choreographer Liora Ginat



2013-17: Producer and performer in videoart of the artist Daniella Maroz: Hunted Dreams, My Memorial 

               Day, Dam Dam Baby, Dan Billu Clip and Dege Feder Clip (familyportrait) - Mekudeshet festival.  

2015:      Co-creator in a clip of Sara Hecht, directd by Omar Schwartz

               Performer in "accidental touching" directd by Tzlil Kahana

               performer in the movie "So I shout" directed by Rotem Akirav

2010:      Co-creator and performer in videoart of Mosha Ben Avraham for musrara art school


2018:       Costumeand art design for video clip of the singer Sarah Lieberman

2017:       Art director of space desige for the International Music Exposure in Jerusalem.

2015:       Cover design of yair kanigel Music albom

2015-17: Website Design for Alma Livne - almalivdance.com / Shahar Gabai - writingworkshop.co / David Israeli - naimusicband.com

Present: CEO of KAMA Art & Cultural Center at Sha'ar Ha'amakim, Israel

My Original Works, Performance and Collaborations

Freelance artist, 2012 –present

· Performer in Alma Livne Dance Project 2021-22

· Co-Creator and Performer in Noa Bababyof Music Klip 2020

· Co-Creator and Performer in 'Homemade Covid-19' project #my_belly

  With filmmaker Tzlil Kahana 2019-2020

Creator & Performer"Shedding Parts" 2019

· Premiere; Sans Limites Dance Festival, Hudson Guild Theater,

  NYC, USA, 2019

· Crosstown Arts Open studio, Memphis, TN, USA, 2019

· The green room, Crosstown Arts, Memphis, TN, USA, 2019

· Exhibition opening, Crosstown Arts Showcase , Memphis, TN, USA, 2019

· Salem Art Works, NY, USA, 2019

· Creator & Performer'RED' project, Collaborating with Artist susanne hackenbracht 

  (Germany), at Salem art work, NY, USA, 2019

· Co-Creator and Performer in a collaboration work with musician Bai Shui (China)

  and dancer Sarah Ledbetter (USA), at Crosstown Arts Showcase, TN, USA, 2019

Creator & Performer"Archetype" 2018

· Premiere; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, 2018 (Full version)

· The Haifa Museum of Art, Israel, 2018 (Full version)

· HaBait Theater, Jaffa, Israel, 2019 (Full version)

· Hermann Struck Museum, Haifa, 2019 (Solo version by Alma Livne)

· Dancer event, Klil, 2019 (Solo version by Alma Livne)

· Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem, Israel, 2020

  (Solo version by Alma Livne)

· Co-Creator and Performer, with dancer Einat Ganz and Iris Nais on improvisation group

  at Studio Naim, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2018

· Co-Creator and Performer in a collaboration work with dancer Jadd Tank (Lebanon),

  and musician Ji Yeon Park (Korea), Alma Livne (Israel) at the Spoleto,

  Festival dei Due Mondi, Italy, 2017

· Co-Creator and Performer in video art with dancer Lior Daniel, Israel, 2017

Creator & Performer"La Fuga (necessaria)"  2016-17

· Premiere; Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of the Two Worlds), Italy, 2017

· Mandel Center, Jaffa, Israel, 2017

· Keilm Center, Bat Yam, Israel, 2017

· TENA Studio Ein Shemer, Israel, 2017

· La MaMa Umbria, Italy, 2016

· HaYadit Theater, Pardes Hana, Israel, 2016

· The Ein Kerem Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2016

· Muslala, Jerusalem, Israel, 2016

Creator & Performer"Freediving" 2015

· Premiere; Toolbox Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

· Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

· The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

· Performer, "Random Touch" film (dir. Tzlil Kahana), Israel, 2015


Creator & Performer"Free from Manipulations" 2015

· Premiere; "MASH" Dance Week, Jerusalem, Israel, 2014

· NANO Dance Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014

· Danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium, 2015

· Volksroom, Brussels, Belgium, 2015

· Footprint Dance Festival, London, UK, 2015

Creator & Performer, "The Manipulative Mind" 2013-14

· ​Premiere; The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem, Israel, 2014

· Performer, with dancers Amit Goldshtein, Adi Shtrus  & Tamar Biniminu

  (Israel), Warehouse 2 Jaffa Port, Israel 2013 in a project

  By the designd Neta Shamia Ofer. Running in loop for one hour as part

  of the premiere of 'Skin' by choreography Noa Dar

Creator & Performer"Clarity" 2012

· Premiere; Artness Center, Ein Shemer, Israel, 2012

· International Multimedia Art Festival, Yangon, Myanmar, 2012

· Tool Experiment 9# Festival, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, 2012

· Co-Creator and Performer in video art by the artist Moshe Ben Avraham

  for Musrara art school, Israel, 2009


· Salem Art Works Residency, Salem, NY, USA (Aug 1–25, 2019)

· Crosstown Arts Residency, Memphis, TN, USA (Jun 3–Jul 29, 2019)

· Next Generation Residency, La MaMa Umbria, Italy (Aug 25–Sept 4, 2016)

· Toolbox Residency, The New Spirit, Jerusalem, Israel

  (Oct 17, 2014–Aug 3, 2015)

· Artness Residency, Artists Center, Ein Shemer, Israel

  (Oct 1, 2011–Feb 20, 2012)

Grant Award for the Year 2019; On behalf of Yotzrim in the category of professional dance training abroad,
for the project Shedding Parts

Grant Award for the Year 2020; On behalf of Mifal haPais in the category of 'Homemade Covid-19' for the project #my_belly


· Ilan Lev therapy method course, Tel Aviv, 2017–18

· Diploma of Fashion Design, Fashion Design Seminary, Jerusalem, 2013–14

· Graduate, Yasmeen Godder Contemporary Dance and Theater School,

  Tel Aviv, 2009–12

· Graduate, The Room Theater, Tel Aviv, 2010–11  

· Bachelor of Arts, Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem, 2008–9


· Producer, Kanner Media Company, Israel, 2018–19

· Researcher, Jerusalem Film Incubator, Israel, 2017

· Producer and Performer in projects by the artist Daniella Maroz, “My

  Memorial Day” video art film (2016),

“Dan Billu” music clip (2017), “Dege Feder” music clip (the latter was

  screened at Mekudeshet Festival, Israel, 2017)

· Office Manager and Art Exhibitions Curator, Yellow Submarine, Israel, 2013–14

· Producer, Yasmeen Godder Dance Company, Israel, 2009–11


· Wix Designer 2020-21

· Arts Funding Jury Member, Kivunim, Israel, 2017