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Eden CV


2009-12:   Graduate of Yasmeen Godder Contemporary dance and theater school in Jafa

2010-11:   Graduate of The Room Theater in Tel Aviv

2008-9:     Student at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem

Training programs & Residences:

2017-18:  A student in Ilan Lev therapy method 

2016-17:  Next Generation Residency at La MaMa Umbria - Italy

2013-14:  Student at the Fashion Design Seminary in Jerusalem 

2011-12:   Residence in the artists center Artness in Ein Shemer

Production & Management:

2016-17: A member in the committee institution for Artists encouragement in the Negev

               And a researcher at the Jerusalem Film Incubator Project.

               Producer of the move 'Silsol' directed by Sigalit Lifshitz & Shalom Hagar.

2015-16: Manager of 'The market court yard' in Jerusalem  

2012-16: Producer of art events in galleries and halls in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv  

2013-14: Office manager and art exhibitions curator at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem

2009-11: Producer of Yasmeen Godder Dance Company, Tel Aviv  


Original works:

2018: Working on a new project; 'Archetype'

The work will premiere at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem,  on October 2018

Collaborator artists: Ori Dvir, Alma Livne, Eilon Cohan, Noam Frank and Romi ginsburg

Support by: 'Between Heaven and Earth fastival' and the Jerusalem Municipality Culture Department

2017: 'LA FUGA necessariao' project

Premiere at the Spoleto Art Festival in Italy, on July 2017
Collaborator artists: Ori Dvir & Alma Livne.

Support by: La MaMa Umbria International

** In addition, for Spoleto festival - integrated project with the Lebanese artist; jadd Tank

Work list:

“LA FUGA” (2016-17), “Freediving" (2015), "The Manipulativ Mind", "Free from Manipulations" (2014),

"Hifrot" {Excavation p-80} (2013), and "Clarity" (2012)


Performed at;

International FESTIVALS:

The International Multimedia Art Festival 2012 Yangon, Myanmar

The Israel International Dance Week 2013-14 Jerusalem, Israel

DCJ Danscentrumjette and the Volksroom venues events 2015 Brussels, Belgium

Footprint Dance Festival 2015 London, England

Spoleto Festival - La mama Umbria International 2016-17, Italy

Israel EVENTS: 

the Yellow Submarine Hub, b&b Barbur Gallery, Muslala venue, Bet Alians and Bet HaGat in Jerusalem.

Artness / TENA center in Ein Shemer, Hayadit Theater in Pardes Hana. Kelim Choreography Center in Bat Yam.

NANOdance Festival, 7x7 - warehouse 2, Tool Experiment 9 Festival & Mandel Cultural Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


​Other projects and collaborations:

Co-creator and performer in performance projects: 

2017 'Badhairday' by Daniella Maroz - performance conference 0:6 svt-hazira

2014 'The elephant wakes up' - Culture Rave at Calal building, by Shai Cohen

2013 'The Story of Sol' - Book Launch,(shaunhuref) by Shahar Gabai

2010 'Everyday show' by choreographer Liora Ginat



2013-17: Producer and performer in videoart of the artist Daniella Maroz: Hunted Dreams, My Memorial 

               Day, Dam Dam Baby, Dan Billu Clip and Dege Feder Clip (familyportrait) - Mekudeshet festival.  

2015:      Co-creator in a clip of Sara Hecht, directd by Omar Schwartz

               Performer in "accidental touching" directd by Tzlil Kahana

               performer in the movie "So I shout" directed by Rotem Akirav

2010:      Co-creator and performer in videoart of Mosha Ben Avraham for musrara art school


2018:       Costumeand art design for video clip of the singer Sarah Lieberman

2017:       Art director of space desige for the International Music Exposure in Jerusalem.

2015:       Cover design of yair kanigel Music albom

2015-17: Website Design for Alma Livne - / Shahar Gabai - / David Israeli -

Eden Original Works, Performance and Collaborations

Freelance artist, 2012 – present

Creator & Performer, "Euclidean space" 2023

·  Premiere at Umbria Factory festival in Italy, September 2023

Creator & Performer, "Xenakis 100" 2022

· Tremolo Percussion Center, Percussion festival, Netanya, Israel, 2022

· The mill cultural center, Sha'ar HaAmakim, Israel, 2022

· Mishkenot Sha'ananim music cente, Jerusalem, Israel, 2022

· Hateiv music venue, Jaffa, Israel, 2022

· Performer in Alma Livne Dance Project 2021-22

· Co-Creator and Performer in Noa Bababyof Music Klip 2020

· Co-Creator and Performer in 'Homemade Covid-19' project #my_belly With filmmaker Tzlil Kahana 2019-2020

Creator & Performer, "Shedding Parts" 2019

· Premiere; Sans Limites Dance Festival, Hudson Guild Theater, NYC, USA, 2019

· Crosstown Arts Open studio, Memphis, TN, USA, 2019

· The green room, Crosstown Arts, Memphis, TN, USA, 2019

· Exhibition opening, Crosstown Arts Showcase , Memphis, TN, USA, 2019

· Salem Art Works, NY, USA, 2019

· Creator & Performer, 'RED' project, Collaborating with Artist susanne hackenbracht (Germany), at Salem art work, NY, USA, 2019

· Co-Creator and Performer in a collaboration work with musician Bai Shui (China) and dancer Sarah Ledbetter (USA), at Crosstown Arts Showcase, TN, USA, 2019

Creator & Performer, "Archetype" 2018

· Premiere; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, 2018 (Full version)

· The Haifa Museum of Art, Israel, 2018 (Full version)

· HaBait Theater, Jaffa, Israel, 2019 (Full version)

· Hermann Struck Museum, Haifa, 2019 (Solo version by Alma Livne)

· Dancer event, Klil, 2019 (Solo version by Alma Livne)

· Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem, Israel, 2020 (Solo version by Alma Livne)

· Co-Creator and Performer in a collaboration work with dancer Jadd Tank (Lebanon), and musician Ji Yeon Park (Korea), Alma Livne (Israel) at the Spoleto, Festival dei Due Mondi, Italy, 2017

· Co-Creator and Performer in video art with dancer Lior Daniel, Israel, 2017

Creator & Performer, "La Fuga (necessaria)"  2016-17

· Premiere; Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of the Two Worlds), Italy, 2017

· Mandel Center, Jaffa, Israel, 2017

· Keilm Center, Bat Yam, Israel, 2017

· TENA Studio Ein Shemer, Israel, 2017

· La MaMa Umbria, Italy, 2016

· HaYadit Theater, Pardes Hana, Israel, 2016

· The Ein Kerem Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2016

· Muslala, Jerusalem, Israel, 2016

Creator & Performer, "Freediving" 2015

· Premiere; Toolbox Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

· Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

· The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

· Performer, "Random Touch" film (dir. Tzlil Kahana), Israel, 2015

Creator & Performer, "Free from Manipulations" 2015

· Premiere; "MASH" Dance Week, Jerusalem, Israel, 2014

· NANO Dance Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014

· Danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium, 2015

· Volksroom, Brussels, Belgium, 2015

· Footprint Dance Festival, London, UK, 2015

Creator & Performer, "The Manipulative Mind" 2013-14

· ​Premiere; The Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem, Israel, 2014

· Performer, "OR" project by the designd Neta Shamia Ofer. 

A one hour loop show as part of the premiere of 'Skin' by choreography Noa Dar, at Warehouse 2 Jaffa Port, Israel 2013 

Creator & Performer, "Clarity" 2012

· Premiere; Artness Center, Ein Shemer, Israel, 2012

· International Multimedia Art Festival, Yangon, Myanmar, 2012

· Tool Experiment 9# Festival, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, 2012

· Co-Creator and Performer in video art by the artist Moshe Ben Avraham for Musrara art school, Israel, 2009


· Salem Art Works Residency, Salem, NY, USA (Aug 1–25, 2019)

· Crosstown Arts Residency, Memphis, TN, USA (Jun 3–Jul 29, 2019)

· Next Generation Residency, La MaMa Umbria, Italy (Aug 25–Sept 4, 2016)

· Toolbox Residency, The New Spirit, Jerusalem, Israel (Oct 17, 2014–Aug 3, 2015)

· Artness Residency, Artists Center, Ein Shemer, Israel (Oct 1, 2011–Feb 20, 2012)


· Grant Award for the Year 2022; On behalf of Yotzrim in the category a new professional dance show, Xenakis 100

· Grant Award for the Year 2020; On behalf of Mifal haPais  in the category of 'Homemade Covid-19' #my_belly project

· Grant Award for the Year 2019; On behalf of Yotzrim in the category of professional dance training abroad,

for the project Shedding Parts, USA

· Support from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israeli Embassy in Rome for the Performance of "La Fuga necessaria" at Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi, Italy, 2017

· Support from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Performance of "Clarity" at the International Multimedia Art Festival in Yangon, Myanmar, 2012



· Ilan Lev therapy method course, Tel Aviv, 2017–18

· Diploma of Fashion Design, Fashion Design Seminary, Jerusalem, 2013–14

· Graduate, Yasmeen Godder Contemporary Dance and Theater School, Tel Aviv, 2009–12

· Graduate, The Room Theater, Tel Aviv, 2010–11  

· Bachelor of Arts, Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem, 2008–9

Production and artistic management:

· CEO, Cultural entrepreneur and active artist at THE MILL in Sha'ar Ha'amakim, Israel 2021-22

· Producer, Kanner Media Company, Israel, 2018–19

· Researcher, Jerusalem Film Incubator, Israel, 2017

· Producer and Performer in projects by the artist Daniella Maroz, “My Memorial Day” video art (2016),

“Dan Billu” music clip (2017), “Dege Feder” music clip (2017)

· Office Manager and Art Exhibitions Curator, Yellow Submarine, Israel, 2013

· Producer, Yasmeen Godder Dance Company, Israel, 2009–11

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