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"The Manipulative Mind"

A site -specific work, created in the yellow submarine.

An installation simulates nervous system. Using wire and lighting implement this idea.


The brain is an organ that routes and processes information. Neurons are nerve cells, the core component of the nervous system and the brain's most basic functional unit.

This project is about intricacy, our inner intricacy:  the sheer numbers of thoughts and emotions that pass through us every fraction of a second. Then, there is the external intricacy; the burdens of the world that we live in, the social overload, the technology, the competition. The overload of stimuli and constant changes is difficult to contain.


Wire is a hard, rigid, threatening material. It creates a sense of boundary, of breach, of tension and coldness. Movement within the wires, like movement in our lives, forces us to adjust our borders, test our boundaries, maneuver the immovable, and soften what is solid.


The project continued in  to a new work "Without Manipulations" the work came out from the site-specific and traveled to new places ..



A Site-Specific work Created & Performed

By Eden Wiseman

Premiere at The Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem 2013

Running time: 15 min

Photo by: Gaya Sun


Created & Performed By Eden Wiseman

Development of  'The manipulative mind' project,

I gut out from the site-specific to a stage show.

Premiere at Mahchol Shalem International Dance Week

In Jerusalem, Israel, 2014

Running time: 15 min

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