Created and Performed By Eden Wiseman 

Co-creator and performer :  Guy Schulber 

Original Music: Ori Dvir and Or Sinay 

Artistic Guidance: Nava Frenkel

Running time: 20 min.



The work focuses on describing and mapping shapes of cotton flowers in space and on the involvement of the temporary landscape building process.


Project description:

Two performers move in a field of cotton developing a delicate process of changing images of interaction between their bodies, the cotton flowers surrounding them and the space that envelops them both. The live music is the force that moves the images to evolve and the eye of the spectator within them.  


The stage is flooded with cotton flowers that create a layered landscape. with this estetice we dive into a soft, primary, and organic world. The excess material allows us to reach the most basic elements of this work (and existence); place, body, movement, sound and the possible junctions between them. The body in this work asks to dive into the cotton and disappear in its depths, but the endless friction of the body with the material emphasizes and defines its borders, separateness and independence.  


The constant changing and disintegration of the cotton made landscape drive the drama. Out of spatial organization, the occurring gets the quality of line, continuousness and of the passing of time. Each one of the performers gets to know his own body, to the way it’s body tell a story and experiences, and also paves a path in space for the other. this exists threw physical and plastic parameters of hardness, softness, extraction, and density.  







A multidisciplinary performance;

Cotton installation, dance and live music

Created & Performed By Eden Wiseman

Co-creator & Performer: Guy Schulberg

Original live music: Ori Dvir and Orr Sinay 

Artistic Guidance: Nava Frenkel

Premiere at the Jerusalem 2015 'Toolbox'

Running time: 20 min.

Photo by: Yoav Zohr

Shoot by: Omer schwartz