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Throughout my professional journey, my artistic evolution traces its roots back to classical painting and traditional techniques. I endeavor to augment my portfolio with a glimpse of my additional abilities and the transformative journey from pen drawing to digital illustration.

The meticulous details in each piece bear witness to my unwavering passion for the tactile experience inherent in pencil work, the temporal journey reflected in the passage of time, and the gentle touch of a brush. These artworks stand as a visual testament to my profound appreciation for the interplay of lines, the subtle nuances of the human form, and the complex symphony of colors. As a dedicated artist, I am driven to bridge the gap between traditional and digital mediums, forging a harmonious fusion that not only reflects my artistic evolution but also underscores my enduring love for the expressive potential inherent in both worlds.

In this series of works, I employed Illustrator and Wacom technologies to bring my artistic vision to life.

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