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Artist Statement


My works has focused on encounters between movement and raw materiaI. most often I create exhibitions of landscapes or objects that include my own body. 

I use my sculpture, performance, video and drawing works to embody alternative human forms. I engages the grotesque and uncanny to produce visceral narratives of agency, transformation and potentiality. 


Many of the sculptures are made to be performed. my performances render illegible any perceptible distinction between my body and the sculpture, or the human and non-human. I use my movement to elaborate on the inner characters of the objects I makes, conjuring up a parallel universe in which my unreal creatures live their lives and tell us their stories. In their mythological worlds, tales of conflict, survival, transformation and transcendence.


Each of my works combine a range of materials. giving my sculptures a strange presence between living and not-living. looking for a soul behind the objects I handles, and my work articulates what I finds.

2023 Artist Statement, Project Development, Research and Goals

For the lest 11 years I have been working with the artist Ori Dvir, we are an artist/couple who began creating together in 2012. Ori is a guitar player and composer whose focus is on free improvisation.

He combines influences of psychedelic rock, folk, drone, noise, and experimental music.

Our work spans the fields of scenography, performance (dance and music), sculpture and installation.

We create encounters between movement, materials and the contrast of abstract sounds and melodies. We use these encounters as building blocks to construct opportunities to observe the world through changing filters.

Our work usually draws on visual images and placement. We create an intensive dialogue with the formation of space, the intuitive process, and the symbols we use. Most of our work deals with questions of identity (particularly gender), body, and taboos. We especially consider gender dynamics and the value of women’s embodiment and creative labor. We explore different meanings of feminism and the multiple possibilities within feminism, breaking down labeling and structures. We look at motifs of gender as a means to express deeper ideas.

We seek performance opportunities, potentially as part of an exhibition, to share our work and working methods with wider audiences and, most importantly, to receive feedback on our work. Further develop ourselves as performers, researchers, and creators. We wish to continue developing our skills, abilities, and expression in an unfamiliar and encouraging environment.

We are currently in a formative period of our development as a duo, having allocated a period of time to travel and further develop our artistic practice. This is an unprecedented time of development for us and an opportunity to seek what is new and unfamiliar. We seek to extend our travels further afield, as we both absorb influences from the places that we travel to and contribute to the cultural life of these places.

During 2020-21 we will be further developing a project that continues what has so far been a three-year period that creatively explores the themes of personal and creative renewal, and the shedding of old layers of memory and old ways of working.

We also explores our collaborative relationship as an artistic duo. In our collaboration, we navigate the struggle to maintain a mutual subjectivity between each of us as individual artists, in both the creation of work and within the performance itself. However, we have recently developed, through our intuition-driven and experimentation-driven process, a framework of coexistence, as opposed to an accompaniment framework which often is found in dance practices. As performers, we have begun to actively reimagine the relationship between music and dance such that one of us never becomes essentialized or objectified by the other’s performance. This more recent way of coexisting also speaks to the exploration of gender dynamics and the value of women’s embodiment and creative labor in our overall body of work as a male-female duo. 

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